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Ansul R-102 - Global Fire


The R-102 system protects life and buildings all over the world. Combining simple mechanical operation and an advanced wet chemical fire suppressant, the R102 provides reliable effective 24-hour protection for any commercial kitchen.

At Global, we strive to deliver innovative products to meet specific customer needs and protect lives, property and businesses. ANSUL brand restaurant fire suppression systems have been designed to rapidly detect and combat kitchen fires.

Top choice for commercial cooking fire protection

  • Cools grease and surrounding cooking surfaces
  • Rapid flame knockdown
  • Helps prevent reflash
  • Colour-coded, fusible-link detectors
  • Aesthetic design complements kitchen decor
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Non-corrosive agent
  • UL/ULC listed and CE marked

Two design options available

  • Customized appliance-specific design
  • Overlapping “suppression zone” coverage

The Systems are compliant to all the relevant standards: UL300, NFPA, LCPB Standard LPS1223 and the new EN 16282-7.


The new technical standard helps harmonise legislation across the industry by creating consistent hazard classifications, performance testing and service and maintenance guidelines.

The standard moves the restaurant industry toward more effective commercial kitchen fire protection helping to better safeguard valued people, property and business.

Ansul R-102

Global Piping

Global Fire Systems use only stainless steel for the whole system discharge pipe network. Many other distributors use chrome plated pipe in the canopy or where it is visible, and black iron pipe above false ceilings and in plenum areas.

Corrosion can build up on the inside of pipe work that is not stainless steel, inhibiting or totally blocking Ansulex from discharging in a fire situation. This could go unnoticed during routine maintenance and prevent the system from successfully suppressing the fire in the event of a fire.

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Ansul R-102

Ansul R-102

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