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Water Mist

A water mist system is a secure fire protection system that uses water to suppress, control and extinguish a fire. The water mist system is comprised of automatic nozzles connected to a piping system carrying water and is connected to a water supply. The water mist system discharges a cone of spray during operation, containing small water droplets that fill the protected area with water mist. Water mist systems distribute, generate, and maintain a concentration of small droplets for the protection of the fire risk for enough time to meet the objective of reducing the risk to zero.

The fine drops hold together extremely well with the smoke and soot particles, bringing them down to the ground. Also, the consumption of water is remarkably less than other systems. In summary, this system is efficient and effective as it can cover a much wider surface area with water while consuming less. The water mist fights heat, smoke, and fire more efficiently.

Water mist systems usually work from heat extraction, when the large water surface formed by the small droplets creates the conditions for an optimal exchange of energy between the water mist and the surrounding area. When the water droplets encounter the fire, they extract the heat until they evaporate. Of all known extinguishing materials, water has the highest evaporation enthalpy.

Water mist advantages

Activation in immediate effect

High efficiency in the suppression of a vast variety of fire types

Minimal water damage

Environmentally friendly

No toxins

Environment to be used in

Water mist fire suppression systems are safe to use on Class A, solid combustibles such as wood, textiles, paper, and rubbish and Class B flammable liquid fires, as well as those including live electrical equipment. Water mist solutions are ideal for use in saunas and are recommended by several insurance companies as a suitable form of fire protection.